At an event hosted by South Burnett Directions on Monday 15th November, Mayor Keith Campbell commended Swickers on their business continuity plan and congratulated the management of Swickers for their work since the incident last weekend.

CEO of Sunpork Rob van Barneveld  and GM Operations Linchon Hawks reaffirmed their commitment to their staff and the South Burnett Region.

“We know that this (incident) could have been much worse. For our business, Swickers is a very important part of our overall supply chain. Without our supply chain, we are just an abattoir. It’s a no brainer for (the facility) to be rebuilt, it has to be operational and has to again be an integral part of our supply chain again.”

Rob van Barneveld also spoke about the efforts that Swickers has gone to retain their staff. “ If you’ve ever had any doubt in our investment in teambuilding, come and meet our team. We took the position early on that you can rebuild a building but you can’t rebuild your staff, so we have placed a large investment in them so that their interruptions to their income and lives were minimalized.”

The CEO of Sunpork then gave confidence to local businesses and the community, ‘from your businesses perspective we are rebuilding in Kingaroy, in the next 2 years we have upwards of $100 Million to inject in the community, and we want as much of that to be spent locally as possible. The re-build needs to occur as quickly as possible.”

The Mayor also commented on the tremendous support from the Palaszczuk government through Dr Anthony Lynham, as well as support from local members Mr David Littleproud MP and Mrs Deb Frecklington MP.

Over 40 KCCI members attended the update from Swickers with light refreshments provided by the Department of State Development, who has also been a tremendous support throughout the situation to Swickers, Sunpork and the Disaster Management Group led by South Burnett Regional Council.

This event was a joint initiative between, South Burnett Directions, South Burnett Regional Council, Swickers, Sunpork, State Development and KCCI.