South Burnett Business Confidence Survey

As part of an annual review, South Burnett Directions commissioned a business confirdence survey, the purpose of which was to establish expectations of regional business conditionas and to develop a better understanding of local issues affecting business sprofitability and growth.

Thank you to those businesses that completed the survey earlier this year!!

We are extremely pleased with the results and look forward to working with businesses to see their expectations exceeded.

  • Business trading conditions across the South Burnett region improved significantly over the past twelve months (116.3) compared to the previous twelve months
  • Non-retail businesses (125.4) significantly out-performed retail and personal service businesses (103.5) over the past twelve months, although both are anticipating improvement in outcomes in the coming year
  • General business expectations for the next twelve months are increasingly positive (124.8), in contrast to pessimism in the wider regional economy over the same period (93.3)
  • Outlook for businesses over the medium-term (3 years) is even stronger than expectations for next twelve months (129.8), although projections for the regional economy are incrementally worse (89.9)
  • Sales, profits and staffing levels of businesses all increased during the past year and are expected to continue to grow over the coming twelve months
  • The most important issues viewed by businesses of a wide range including local, state, domestic and international factors included:
    • Local government leadership and efficiency
    • Government policy and regulation
    • Increasing input costs
    • Declining customer base
    • Broadband and IT access

Download the full version of the Business Confidence Survey here – South Burnett Business Confidence Survey Report April 2016.