A clear and distinctive identity is essential in the attraction of both people and investment to a place.

A place, like a product or a service, has to differentiate itself in the market to be successful.

Wherever there is ‘‘choice’ there is competition. The South Burnett region as a place to live is regarded highly by the community for its liveability and the lifestyle opportunities.  Housing affordability, the rural landscape and sense of community are clear attractions. For business and industry, whether a large corporation, a small sole trader, it is about making a good investment and the best opportunity for business sustainability. Promotion of a place for business investment must make clear the comparative and competitive advantages.

However, the advantages promoted must be relevant to the business or industry being targeted by the promotion. In many cases the identified advantages will self-select the most favourable market segments into which the South Burnett region can be promoted.

Traditionally business and industry communicate their identity through “brand”.  Similarly, a place brand can enhance the image, recognition and positioning of existing and future enterprises in the marketplace. The South Burnett region has an opportunity to build such a brand and more effectively promote its identity as a regional hub, a leading niche business centre, sustainable business destination and tourism precinct and place of lifestyle choice.

A brand’s success is measured by how well known the brand becomes and how well the consumer identifies the brand with the product. The South Burnett’s marketing strategy will ensure the South Burnett region is positioned effectively. It will create the right local, regional and national reputation and profile to attract the greatest interest and investment from those that may be considering the South Burnett region as a location to do business, invest, live or visit.

The characteristics and the people of the South Burnett region differentiates from other places to do business, invest, live or visit. Consideration will be given to how the place brand fits with the regional brand to ensure that promotional synergies are strengthened. Involving the community, business community, regional partners and government organisations in the promotion of the South Burnett region will also ensure there is a more valuable statement on the attractiveness of the region for business, tourism and industry.  This will partly be achieved by supporting and leveraging from the Wide Bay Burnett Perfect Place At Your Perfect Pace regional brand for attraction and retention of families/individuals and businesses


  • Promote the need for new health services that provide employment and enables residents to minimise travel outside the region.
  •  Grow efficient transport services that support employment, buy local, health services, and tourism.
  • Develop accessible tertiary education pathways within the region.
  •  Promote employment opportunities for all Australians and migrant workers.
  •  Actively participate in regional branding opportunities.
  •  Build the South Burnett’s brand recognition and market reach.