Get Your Capability Statement

A Capability Statement Writing Workshop, facilitated by Department of State Development, was held on 23 September 2016 and was attended by 15 local business representatives, who gained knowledge on the preparation of a good capability statement, and its value for winning tenders for major projects.

This was an opportune time, given the upcoming AGL Wind Farm project.

A capability statement outlines capabilities and skills of your business. It is a tool that allows procurement teams to assess its expertise, achievements and potential to deliver goods and services. A capability statement is essential for participating and securing tendering opportunities in government and private sector projects, including sub-contractor work.

If you would like assistance to develop a capability statement, please contact Sharyn Garrett on 4189 9173 or email

We are continuing to liaise with TSBE on the potential for other opportunities for local suppliers, and of course we are only too happy to share the information on what our local suppliers can do.