In two (2) years, the South Burnett Regional Council has been successful in applying for a total of eight (8) new sites as part of the Mobile Black Spot Funding Program.

The South Burnett is one of only three (3) local government areas in Australia to be awarded four (4) or more sites as part of the Mobile Black Spot Funding Program Round 2, which is a joint initiative between the Federal and State Governments.

South Burnett Directions’ has been focused on collating data for funding submissions aimed at reducing mobile phone black spots in the South Burnett as part of one of the key priorities in the Economic Development Strategy.

The Macrocells will increase mobile phone connectivity in four locations with three (3) new Telstra sites and one (1) new Optus site to be installed. The first Round 2 base stations are expected to commence rolling out in 2017.

Gordonbrook MBSP2-QLD-031 Telstra QLD South Burnett Macrocell
Maidenwell MBSP2-QLD-046 Optus QLD South Burnett Macrocell
Tingoora MBSP2-QLD-064 Telstra QLD South Burnett Macrocell
Windera MBSP2-QLD-070 Telstra QLD South Burnett Macrocell

It is highlighted in the South Burnett Economic Development Strategy 2014-2019 that the enhancement or building of key infrastructure can assist and enhance our economy to develop. Mobile phone reception in the South Burnett is essential to the advancement of our region and these four sites will assist in reducing mobile service blackspots for our rural producers within the South Burnett.

South Burnett Directions and Council are working on equitable access for our regional area so that we can increase business productivity, be globally connected; as well as increase liveability to extend beyond our lifestyle benefits.

Other useful notes

  • Round 2 applications submitted 29 April 2016.
  • Round 2 announcement 1 December 2016
  • The Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation sent a previous site submission list deeming locations eligible and non-eligible for this round. This list was then assessed and rationalised against co-funding opportunities, number of serviceable dwellings, economic value for area, tourism hotspots etc.
  • Small Cell applications were also put forward, however information only came to light after the application process that deemed sites ineligible due to no proximity of a required exchange point. N.B (Small Cells only service a 200m radius and must have no obstacles (including trees) within this distance; a tight coupling of dwellings and be a high use area.)
  • Installs for Round 2 commence in 2017; lists yet to be released.
  • Install schedule for Round 1 is currently as follows. No sites have been installed in the South Burnett yet.


Kumbia Not Specified 2017 – Q1 Vodafone
Boyneside Not Specified 2017 – Q3 Vodafone
Wattlecamp 3G & 4G 2017 Telstra
Durong 3G & 4G 2018 Telstra


For any further questions/enquiries, please contact Council’s Economic Development Office on 4189 9100.


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