South Burnett Directions in conjunction with Council have teamed up with David Wiseman from Streetspeed to capture independent internet speed data for the South Burnett Region. By capturing this data, South Burnett Directions and other independent bodies will be able to continue to make quality submissions and lobby for better connectivity for our region.

Streetspeed is an online community platform that captures and maps speed as tested by the users from their device connected to the internet. We are encouraging residents, including commercial premises, to participate in testing on a number of day/times to understand their typical speeds, especially in the important peak period. The data collected reflects the internet speed from your device.

“In an effort to improve our future connectivity, it is imperative that we get independent and accurate data of internet speeds available from our residents throughout the South Burnett.” Mayor Keith Campbell said, “I encourage everyone, not only in town but also out in the rural areas to take part and keep testing over a period of time. The more data we collect the better chance we have of lobbying for equal access in our regional area, something which is a hit and miss situation at the moment.”

There are studies indicating that regional consumers are constrained by poor internet to connect with their family through video calling and other online communication areas. The BIRRR (Better Internet for Rural, Regional and Remote Australia) report highlights that most internet service providers rated poor for reliability, drop outs, unreliability of service and poor speed, it also highlights that those users outside of town areas are often subjected to poor speeds eliminating the household from ‘…participating in online education and accessing youtube…’

This is a simple speed test to check your internet upload and download speeds in your area. It’s as easy as logging your data here, signing up and clicking a button to test your upload and download speed.

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  1. ckap
    ckap says:

    Ping 684 Download 2.6 Upload 4.4 (on the 25/5 plan 30gb peak/30gb off-peak)
    Ping 24 Download 5.2 Upload 1.03
    Ping 39 Download 14.44 Upload 2.13 (on my phone)

    It’s not just about speed. We need more and more data to do everyday tasks – more so in rural areas

    • scollier
      scollier says:

      Hi ckap. Wonder if you are on the same congested tower as I on Fisher St. Those speeds are embarrassing as compared to your theoretical 25/5 connection. I pay for 50/20 and get about 2/5
      Upgrades are set to go ahead next week, hopefully fixes it.

  2. nfro96
    nfro96 says:

    NBN Fixed Wireless – Nanango
    Upload Speed – 4.49Mb/s
    Download Speed – 8.65Mb/s
    Latency 72 msec
    Jitter – 255 msec

    Took me ridiculously long time to even get the page to load to test my speed. Just switched from ADSL/2 to NBN and in all honestly for most of the time its been worse on NBN.

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