Business Growth

Start or Grow your Business in the South Burnett

There are key local business sectors that traditionally drive job growth in the South Burnett economy.  Support for these sectors should be maintained to ensure their growth continues. There are, however, emerging niche industry sectors that require additional support and encouragement to establish in the region.  It is these new industries that will create diversified employment opportunities into the future.

The ability of the business sector and the broader community to embrace innovation will be imperative to driving the future growth and prosperity. It will allow the South Burnett region to rise as a regional destination of preference for business and industry, as well as support the liveability and quality of life for people in the broader community. However, it is essential that innovation goes beyond mere improvement in efficiency and quality as a means to grow business.

Innovation must focus on creating new markets, increasing value for customers through greater levels of research and commercialisation and the fostering of ideas and innovation as key activities within the existing industry base.  Increasing our capacity to generate new ideas and innovation is only part of the task. We must also look for new ways to bring these ideas to market. All too often, the ‘‘right” ideas and the ‘‘right” people fail to connect and we miss out on the economic benefits of translating ideas into products or services.  Regional networks and forums are a good way of linking and sharing new ideas. Such avenues increase the possibility of new initiatives coming to the attention of private entrepreneurs and public sector facilitators.

A smart community, a community actively and effectively utilising e-commerce, can trade locally and even globally. Smart communities collaborate on projects, marketing initiatives and share resources. Smart communities share knowledge, think positively and act with confidence.


  •  Foster continued business capability and improvement through recognising achievement via the annual Business Excellence Awards.
  •  Deliver programs that assist business managers to develop their skills such as the  Mentoring for Growth and  Wide Bay Burnett Centre for Regional Innovation.
  •  Identify the tourism infrastructure, services and events needed to grow tourism in the  South Burnett.

Confidence is a strategy in its own right and can be sustained by groups of people with a common goal. Businesses also need a place to grow. Growth requires space, labour, finance and support. The availability of suitable commercial premises, industrial land and infrastructure along with a trained and skilled workforce and available business development support is essential to business success and sustainability.