Back to Work – Regional Employment Package


The Back to Work – Regional Employment Package is a two year $100m package giving businesses the confidence to employ jobseekers in Queensland’s regions and provides an economic boost to regions facing challenging times. The world is in transition following the unwinding of the commodities boom – economies and jobs are changing. Queensland is not immune. We know some regions, some employers and some jobseekers need a confidence boost and support. Back to Work is a package of assistance aimed squarely at those regions and those individuals who need our help the most.   Back to Work provides: support for employers to build confidence to take on employees; support for regions doing it tough; and support for jobseekers to build confidence, upskill and retrain for jobs in a more agile Queensland economy.  Back to Work includes:  $80million for support payments for employers to take on jobseekers in regional Queensland, including long term unemployed jobseekers  $10million for additional training for eligible jobseekers to gain the skills they need for work through the Back to Work Certificate 3 Guarantee Boost  $10million for Back to Work Teams to work with local employers and jobseekers and build regional employment solutions. Officers will also help create the capacity needed to meet emerging needs through networks and other innovative ideas.


Payments of up to $10,000 will be available to employers to provide up to 8,000 real jobs to eligible jobseekers in regions outside South East Queensland. An additional $5,000 is available for employers who take on someone unemployed for over 52 weeks. Employees will be eligible if they commence employment on or after 1 July 2016 and have been employed for at least four weeks.  Back to Work Employer Officers will work with employers and jobseekers to identify and meet local need and help find other support.


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