South Burnett Directions is excited to be able to introduce our South Burnett rewards campaign supported by sponsors Heritage Bank Nanango, Swickers, South Burnett Regional Council, Burnett Business Centre, Ken Mills Toyota, JobMatch Employment and Bishopp Outdoor Advertising.

Support from businesses is the most crucial element of the campaign, to create the groundswell movement necessary to really get the community thinking, talking and re-considering their purchasing habits, so that our local economy and your business reaps the rewards intended.

This is a 6 month highly visual campaign, beginning in October 2016. Promotional items are designed to clearly identify you as a participating business, but also to be a constant reminder for consumers to think and choose local first.

The concept is to generate community pride with businesses putting on a united front to encourage people back in to the habit of exploring local businesses and consciously choosing local first.

Your investment in the campaign is heavily subsidised by our sponsors. The cost for retail businesses is $330 (GST inc); and for non-retail is $110 (GST inc).   For all businesses, this includes promotional material, free promotion, free and subsidised advertising, and all the benefits associated with the co-ordinated marketing campaign. Retail businesses also get a Rewardle tablet to be part of the competition.

There is an additional commitment of a $100 ‘voucher’ (retail value) for retail businesses, as a collaborative prize as part of the competition. Please refer to the details included in this kit.

Download your Business Registration Kit here

For more details or to further discuss ideas for the campaign please contact:

Sharyn Garrett
Phone: (07) 4189 9173




Professor Mark Radford in his speech on Opening Day of the Lady Bjelke-Petersen Community Hospital outlined a couple of key items during the opening on what this hospital can deliver.

My vision for the future is that Kingaroy can be the centre for health care delivery in the region.  We have both public and private/community hospital facilities.  We have radiology services. We have dental and allied health services, and we have a good network of GP services.

We have the potential for effective and innovate public-private partnerships, where the focus is on delivering good and effective health care services that meet the needs of the local community.

There were a number of reasons why we (South Bank Day Hospital) decided to go ahead:

  • First of all, it fits with our mission, which is to provide state of the art medical services – research, education and clinical care – to the people of Queensland;
  • A belief in the need that regional and rural communities should have access to good health care, and not be penalised because of where they live;
  • The very strong community support, including the generous support of Gina Rinehart;
  • The existence of good infrastructure;
  • The chance to do something innovative; and
  • And the fact that Kingaroy is perfectly positioned to be a centre of health care in this part of Queensland – not just the South Burnett.  We have a public hospital, we have a good group of GP and other health services… and now we have a community hospital.”

 Having been operating for a couple of months now the Lady Bjelke-Petersen Community Hospital has already introduced the following services:

  • Dental,
  • Ophthalmology,
  • Gastroenterology, and
  • Intragam injections services.

The Hospital is working on reintroducing the following services in the near future:

  • Gynaecology,
  • General surgery,
  • Orthopaedics,
  • Urology, and
  • Oncology.

Although officially opened as the Lady Bjelke-Petersen Community Hospital, the hospital will be affectionately referred to as the Lady Flo Hospital. All enquiries can be further made to directly to the Lady Flo Hospital on (07) 4162 1444.



Attend our Capability Statement workshop if you want your business to stand out from the crowd and improve your chance of securing contracts. Hosted by the Queensland Government, this interactive workshop aims to help businesses develop and prepare effective capability statements.

What is a capability statement?

A capability statement outlines capabilities and skills of your business. It is a tool that allows procurement teams assess its expertise, achievements and potential to deliver goods and services.  A capability statement is essential for participating and securing tendering opportunities in government and private sector projects, including sub-contractor work.   Ultimately, an impressive capability statement can help your business thrive.  This workshop will show businesses how to use a capability statement to market their product or service and how it can be used to accompany tender submissions for contracts, upload onto online databases and used to support applications for finance to expand your business.

How will this workshop help my business?

Workshops are interactive and will help participants learn:

  • why it’s important to have a capability statement
  • how to use a capability statement to market a product or service
  • how to use a capability statement to accompany contract tender submissions
  • best-practice fundamentals for developing and drafting a powerful capability statement
  • how to access the latest information on Queensland’s major projects
  • how to improve your understanding of the major projects supply chain.

Event details:

23 September 2016


Kingaroy Enterprise Centre, Cornish Street, Kingaroy

$50 (incl. GST) Light lunch provided

Book your ticket here:* (Pre-payment is required and a tax invoice will be issued as confirmation of booking and payment.) 


For more information contact:

Simon Parnell

Wide Bay Burnett Regional Office

07 4331 5609


Sharyn Garret

Economic Development Officer

07 4189 9173



*DSD collects registration information, including personal details, related to attendance at business seminars run by the department. The information will not be disclosed to any third parties, unless authorised or required by law. Workshops may be cancelled if registration levels are not met. You will be notified of alternatives available to you.



In November, we’re hosting a Culinary Tourism Food Forum for the South Burnett.

The forum has been put together to discuss what does and will culinary food for tourism look like in the South Burnett.

Discussion points will include:

  • What is culinary tourism?
  • Why is it important to the South Burnett?
  • What do our visitors want?
  • How to add the extra into ordinary!
  • Value adding produce
  • Sourcing local produce
  • Connecting growers with onsellers
  • How to connect with media to tell YOUR story

Event Details

Monday 28 November

2pm for a 2.30pm start

Kingaroy Town Hall, Glendon St Kingaroy

Estimated close 7pm


For enquiries and RSVP by 14 November contact Julie 4189 9174 or Yelena 4189 9538


Photo Credit: Emma Judd – Blog Queensland – 48hrs in Kingaroy (



South Burnett Directions is paving the way forward for better transport access into the South Burnett, with the first meeting with Transport Stakeholders and Transport and Main Roads held earlier this month.

Ian Sturdy, Department of Transport and Main Roads, updated the industry on key changes happening in the department with focus being on economic growth that road and bridge infrastructure can create. A summary of Ian’s comments are below:

  • There is a change in policy culture in TMR to emphasising that road/bridge infrastructure is in place to make money for the economy
  • Traditionally (generally speaking) TMR have conditioned assets for a lifetime of 100years
  • TMR are considering public/private partnership options where the outcomes are positive for both parties and drive economic growth
  • TMR are currently writing ‘Moving Queensland Freight’ strategy –
  • TMR are also writing a vision for Heavy Vehicle Transport – Heavy Vehicle Network Plan
  • TMR are considering conditional access when full upgrades are costly (even where upgrades are scheduled for a later date)
  • Conditional Access can include items like, flashing/sensor signs that highlight oncoming traffic through to school hour restriction and speed limit restriction over bridges
  • Transport operators have the option to ‘trial’ a route with TMR
  • TMR are ironing out inconsistencies, instilling fair/equitable access
  • TMR are currently considering telemetric information as part of an assessment of safety
  • TMR are currently engaging with Queensland Trucking Association, Agforce and National Heavy Vehicle Regulator for advice
  • Representations can be made to the Minister of Freight Council through Queensland Trucking Association, as well as the Operational Committee and Heavy Vehicle Safety Committee
  • Only 3% of freight is moved by trucks

The industry stakeholders in the room gave feedback to Transport and Main Roads stating that:

  • Agricultural growers choose the Western Downs over South Burnett due to transport access
  • HMLs are unable to carry past Kilcoy and Fernvale due to (verbal estimate) two timber bridges at these locations
  • Opening up the Tingoora Access would open up the South Burnett. You only need one road in and out for access.
  • In the South Burnett we are logistically close to the start of the supply chain
  • Council are part of the first mile/last mile planning with Wide-Bay Burnett Regional Organisation of Councils (WBBROC)

South Burnett Directions will continue to work with relevant departments and stakeholders for formal representation on the South Burnett’s behalf for heavy vehicle transport access.



 On the first Tuesday of each month, the Kingaroy Chamber of Commerce hosts a meeting; and this time it was South Burnett Direction’s turn to host. Over 50 people were in attendance for the evening, in the shop-front office of South Burnett Directions next to the Kingaroy Library.

 The Chair of South Burnett Directions, Mayor Keith Campbell introduced each Committee Member, Barb Madden; Georgie Somerset; Ken Mills, John Carey and Graham Archdall; to the chamber who gave an update on their focus for the committee and why they see it as growing the South Burnett’s future.

 Economic Development Manager Phil Harding then updated the meeting on some key projects that South Burnett Directions are undertaking such as the Water for Agriculture, South Burnett Rewards, Mentoring for Growth, Improving B-Double access the Tourism Strategy implementation – all key projects that lead growth.

 Special Guests also included Professors from the University of Southern Queensland, who we are currently discussing water projects and education pathways with.

 The South Burnett Directions office is a welcome place to discuss with the South Burnett Directions staff on strategic ways to develop growth for the South Burnett region.

Photo from – South Burnett Directions Chair, Keith Campbell, Committee Member Ken Mills and Economic Development Manager, Phil Harding.

wireless solution - relay station

Farmer builds Own On-Farm Wireless Solution

Determined to do something about having half his farm, including the family home, in a blackspot for NBN coverage, southern NSW farmer, Murray Scholz, decided to take matters into his own hands, setting up his own relay station to beam the signal to the house.